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This podcast is dedicated to all of the change makers, influencers, and entrepreneurs working to close equity gaps and reimagine the world.  There are so many talented people out there working everyday on purpose driven projects and innovative business models, moving heaven and earth to create the change they wish to see in the world.  I thought it selfish to keep these conversations to myself, and have taken the plunge to produce this podcast and elevate these calls to action.  My hope is you not only enjoy listening to these stories, but will be inspired to find a deeper purpose behind the future of your work.


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Episode Seven

Dwayne Aikens

Building Future Leaders: How do you develop a policy response to social injustice?  What are the power skills that can help you succeed as a social impact leader?  Why is entrepreneurship the answer?  How do we authentically invest in Oakland youth?  How do we recognize the greatness of the Black community and stop fearing black skin?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Dwayne Aikens, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Lead Ours, as he shares his entrepreneurial journey as a grass roots non-profit leader and community activist in Oakland.  If you care about developing leaders and transforming who has the power in our society then I think you'll enjoy episode.  Enjoy!


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I believe that sharing these conversations around our collective areas of growth and bringing thought leaders to the table to share tangible steps towards implementing these changes is paramount for us to get the ball rolling towards the world we want to see.


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