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The Working World Episode 6 - Putting Young People First with Winston Ashby

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Putting Young People First: Why are you alive?  What's your purpose?  How do we help young people find their power and their purpose in a world that doesn't see them?  How do we build resources and connection around young people, and focus on the wellness of young people?  How do we support a real equity conversation in our communities?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Winston Ashby, Executive Director of PARTI Program, a Bay Area organization that has focused on the social emotional well being of youth for the past 20 years.  We will explore the equity conversation in San Jose, the importance of elevating youth voice, and what we need to do in response to Covid-19, economic recession and structural racism here in California.  If you believe in including diverse voices at the table, and want to hear someone who has done the work on the ground for decades, check out this conversation with someone who always puts our young people first.  Enjoy!

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